Venison sales



Venison is red meat gained from farmed deer and fallow deer, unlike the game gained by hunters in the hunting ground. Different nomenclature is supposed to underline the difference in quality of the meat gained actually from the same species of animals.

Few fundamental differences between farmed red deer venison and game are listed below:

• only young animals up to 3 years are slaughtered, while in the hunting ground the quality of the meat very often depends on the quality of antlers;

• animals are slaughtered in the humanitarian way: by stunning and later, by losing whole blood; in the hunting ground the inaccurate shot of the hunter often causes running away of a shot game and long lasting agony of the animal;

• the carcass isn't contaminated with lead from bullets (we do not have to enclose labels informing about possible metal surprise);

• careful gutting takes place after skinning in hygienic conditions; in the forest, game is gutted at different weather and sanitary conditions in the unnecessarily precise way;

• the lack of injuries triggered by hunting dogs or gunshot wounds;

• full veterinary supervision of every stage of breeding; only healthy and regularly wormed animals are slaughtered;

• the time from the slaughtering moment until hanging in the cold storage is not longer than 30 - 40 minutes; in the hunting ground frequently long hours are passing on seeking the shot game, bringing it to the means of transport and finally to a collection point;

• lack of restrictions considering hunting periods, therefore farmed deer venison may be delivered all year long.


A unique taste and a colour characterize the farmed deer venison, it is also the most nutritious meat of all red meat. It contains extremely small amount of fat: 1.6 g in 100 g of meat, while skinless chicken has 2.1 g, and beef as much as 12.9 g. Thanks to that the calorific value of venison is also low and achieves 103 kcal in 100 g (skinless chicken: 108 kcal, beef 198 kcal). Out of all red meat, it contains the largest amount of iron (which is  easy to absorb) up to 3.3 mg in 100g, while the comparable beef has only 1.7 mg. The deer venison is the source of such desired polyunsaturated fat acids as Omega 3 and Omega 6, usually available in fish.

The low content of cholesterol 50 mg in 100 g is comparable only with beef (48 mg), while the pork contains 64 mg, and skinless chicken as much as 90 mg! Moreover venison is a protein source of advantageous composition: vitamins B2, B6 and B12, potassium, phosphorus and niacin (source: Farm deer and fallow deer are bred in the natural and extensive way, they are fed on raw fodders without the content of antibiotics or height stimuli, preserving the required well-being of animals. The best quality of venison is its characteristic feature, because its production is controlled at every stage: from the farming period until the final product.


BOMAFAR is proud of opening in March 2009 the first in Poland specialist slaughterhouse of the farmed cervids (veterinary number: PL 08093801 WE). The plant is entitled to conduct the sale, both on the domestic market, as well as EU market. The whole technological process is based on principles of good production and hygienic practice and HACCP system.

The slaughterhouse consists of two parts. The first complex is a deer yard with a crush, which lets for collection of live animals from breeders, pre- and post-slaughter veterinary examination, and makes it possible to  detain the animals. The second part is the actual slaughterhouse with cold stores, where in hygienic conditions, carcasses are portioned and stored in. Carcasses after slaughtering are stored in cooling conditions for 14 days, which lets for crumbling and producing the characteristic taste-aromatic bunch of the meat. After optimal ageing of meat, carcasses are portioned, exactly cleaned and packed depending on the customer requirements. The venison prepared in this way requires minimal culinary treatments (actually it does not require marinating because it is young meat) and is an excellent component of everyday diet of the healthily feeding consumer.


We offer for sale, depending on the customer demand, entire carcasses, sides and elements from deer and fallow deer. There is a possibility of sale of all elements in fresh or frozen form (deep freezing in the temperature - 18oC, to be used within 720 days). The meat is offered in the following forms: loose (fresh meat to be used within 30 days) or vac (after unpacking to be used within the same time as loose fresh meat).

Elements from deer and fallow deer:

• haunch with or without the bone,

• steaks meat,

• haunch steaks,

• venison neck without bone,

• blade with or without bone,

• loin without bone,

• sirloins,

• sirloins schnitzel,

• bacon without bone,

• Edel goulash,

• ordinary goulash,

• meat for cutlets.

 For orders please feel free to contact Mr. Marek Buda, a co-owner at telephone number: 0048 601 - 986 - 985.