About us


BOMAFAR was established in 1993 on the ground of the former State Farms. The owners are: Władysław Piasecki, Jan Borkowski and Marek Buda. The farm is an owner and leaseholder of nearly 800 ha of ground, of which 76% is ploughland and around 22% are meadows and pastures.

Plant production is the core of BOMAFAR's business. Wheat, maize, barley, rye and rape are cultivated. Part of the harvest is utilised as feed for the deer in the farm.

Production of slaughter poultry is another branch of production at BOMAFAR. The firm has 5 poultry-houses with average stock of 5000 turkey-cocks or 10000 turkey-hens. The annual yield is around 600 tonnes of slaughter poultry. The poultry-houses are equipped with modern technological systems that enable optimalisation in the process of the manufacture of finest quality poultry meat. BOMAFAR is a member of The Farmers and Producers Alliance "The Lubuski Turkey".

The third and the latest direction in the company's activity is breeding Red deer. For more details please visit the subpage "Our farm".

BOMAFAR is the breeder of the Limousin meat cattle from 2007. The basic herd consists of 100 cows imported directly from France, from the race origin country. The company is the member of the Polish Association of Meat Cattle Breeders and Producers.