Our farm


Our farm was established in 2002/2003. First plots were arranged in the summer of 2002 thus enabling to let the first 83 Red deer imported from a Hungarian farm in (see certifikate). Deer farming has been a traditional business on that farm for many years and the material they offered was the domestic material (first animal bred on the farm were captured in the woods of Hungary). All the animals brought in underwent a tuberculosis and brucellosis examination with a negative result. Originally the farm embraced the area of 37 ha with 5 paddocks. The first plots as well as the yarding were constructed thanks to the cooperation with Mr. Bartłomiej Dmuchowski of the company Milu (http://www.milu.com.pl/)

Currently the farm is over 110 ha large, has 31 plots and great prospects ahead. We are equipped with a deer yarding with a crush and a scales. Preventive deworming is made twice a year. Calves are separated from hinds before or after the rut, according to pasture conditions over the year. Only accurately selected stags are admitted for covering. Antler of all the stags is trimmed before the rut.

The deer are weighed and the fertility of the hinds is checked regularly. All the animals are ear-marked. We have a full photografic documentation of all the stags. Summer feeding is based on the pasture or hay silage in case of drought, which is unfortunately more and more common here. In winter, apart from the hay-silage, we additionally feed the animals with oat, barley, maize, mineral-vitamin granulate and lucerne-silage.

Below you can find the most essential parameters of the herd obtained:

  1. calving rate: 96,6%,
  2. average/maximum weight of mature hinds in August: 131 kg/169 kg,
  3. average/maximum weight of calves in August: 48 kg/60 kg,
  4. average/maximum weight of mature stags in August: 226 kg/255 kg,
  5. average/maximum weight of spikers in September: 120 kg/138 kg,
  6. average/maximum weight of 18-months hinds: 101 kg/118 kg,
  7. mortality rate of calves until August: below 2%,
  8. mortality rate of mature deer below 1%.
Below we present the pictures taken in 2008.